Thursday, August 30, 2012

Miscellaneous Alchemical Symbols in the News

 Vénus, Lucifer

"Two-faced cat pics: Venus the chimera cat is not a Photoshop creation" Source

Caveat! It is very important to bear in mind that I am merely saying (to paraphrase William Grimstad) that the presentation of these photographs and words have interest insofar as they are the recreations of hermetic-alchemical symbols. I am not suggesting that the cat "Venus" is the devil or was intentionally named in order to invoke the devil. Similarly, I am not suggesting that Rush Limbaugh ought to be taken seriously, nor that "bath salts" are really somehow to blame in the various face-eating attacks that ushered in the "Summer of the Gun."

"Paul Ryan’s upside-down smile[:] The Republican VP candidate has a way of expressing happiness that kind of looks like sadness. A look at his many frowns." Source

"Batman and politics: The Bane/Bain name game" 
(CBS - July 18, 2012 8:15 AM) Source

"Dangerous drug bath salts surfaces in B.C." Source

"Face-Eating Attack Possibly Prompted by 'Bath Salts,' Authorities Suspect" Source

"Face-Eating Cannibal Attack May Be Latest in String of 'Bath Salts' Incidents" Source
"Latest 'zombie' eating attack: Man under the influence gets naked, bites off chunk of man's arm" Source
 The "Bain-Marie," a double-boiler contraption for working with salt-solutions (among other things): "Bains-marie were originally developed for use in the practice of alchemy..." Source

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