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Isis Unveiled in Paris?

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Samuel Liddell "MacGregor" Mathers and his wife Moina (born Mina Bergson) introduced their "Rite of Isis" in Paris in the 1890s. Have we now, to borrow the title from Russian-born mystic Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, seen "Isis Unveiled"?

Pictured: A promotional poster for As Above, So Below, Universal Pictures, 2014. Of course the phrase "as above, so below," traces back to alchemical texts such as the fabled Emerald Tablet. Among other things, it signifies the mystical correspondences that various occultists believe exist between the Macrocosm and the Microcosm.

In his Dans l’ombre des cathedrals,[1] Robert “Ambelain claims that Notre Dame [cathedral] was constructed on the site of an ancient temple to Isis, worshipped by the early settlers, known as the Parisi, and constructed on an alchemical formula for the control of natural forces.”[2]

The 19th-20th c. Ezra Pound associate and modernist poet Hilda Doolittle, writing as “H.D.,” once wrote:

"Isis, Iris, Fleur-de-lis, Bar-Isis is son of Isis,"

"(bar ou ber ou ben, signifiant fils). so Bar-Isis is Par-Isis? Paris, anyway; …"

"why do they punish us? come out, come out of the darkness; will I be burnt to cinders in this heat? …"

"Bar-Isis, Paris; I call Paris, Paris, not to the Greek …"

"This is my new prayer; I pray to you? Paris, Bar-Isis?"

"to Osiris? or to Isis-self, Egyptian flower … out of the sea, over the sand,"

"a symbol, obelisk, no man, Memnon, Bar-Isis, son of Dawn ["Dawn" = "Aurora" - Ed.]."[3]

“H.D. at Yale: photograph of Hilda Doolittle, Norman H. Pearson, and Bryher in front of Sterling Memorial Library, Yale University.”[4]

In wartime London, “…the ‘Lowndes Group’ [after her residence at 49 Lowndes Sqaure, SW1] had begun to form around H.D. …Besides Hilda …, there was Norman Pearson…”.[5] Pearson, by the way, not only penned a foreword to H.D.’s above volume of poetry, but also is credited as the copyright holder.[6]

“In 1942, erstwhile Yale student Donald Downes recruited English professor Norman Holmes Pearson into the OSS [i.e., William Donovan’s wartime spy-shop, the Office of Strategic Services]. …Pearson knew how to read materials ‘as intently as possible for hidden messages’ because the Yale Department of English taught him ‘how to read, really read, closely, without interruption, how to interrogate a manuscript. …’ (After the war, Pearson would resume his scholarly career, which included collaborating with his friend W.H. Auden in the editing of the five-volume anthology ‘Poets of the English Language.’)”[7]

“During the Second World War, [later Central Intelligence Agency counterintelligence chief, James Jesus] Angleton worked at the Office of Special [sic] Services, the CIA’s forerunner. Angleton’s OSS boss Norman Holmes Pearson was another Yale alum. Angleton ran counterintelligence until [investigative journalist] Seymour Hersh laid him low in 1974 with a series of New York Times exposés about the CIA’s involvement in domestic spying.”[8]

Now, a New York Times headline reads: “After Paris Attacks, C.I.A. Director Rekindles Debate Over Surveillance.”[9]

In the 2006 movie The Good Shepherd,[10] British actor Michael Gambon plays the character Dr. Fredericks, who appears to have been modeled upon Norman Holmes Pearson.

[Dr. Fredericks:] "Use your trade craft well. Particularly the use of black propaganda, and the ingredient known as playback - understanding how effectively your own disinformation is actually working on the enemy. It's vital to penetrate the enemy's intelligence services; push them into an unreal world, as it were. The very qualities that make a good intelligence officer - a suspicious mind, a love of complexity in detail - are the very qualities of someone you will be observing. A mental facility to detect conspiracies in betrayal are the same qualities most likely to corrode natural judgment. Everything that seems clear is bent. Everything that seems bent is clear. Trapped in reflections you must learn to recognize when a lie masquerades as a truth, and then deal with it efficiently, dispassionately."[11]


For crypto-political analysis, see "ISIS: The US/CIA Connection."


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  1. Necessity For Simplicity For Christian, Rationalist Revival, Rallying

    What I suggest, very simply, is the Christian volk can and should be rallied, encouraged, and inspired by ref., for one thing, to the un-deniable, verifiable, and relatively recent historic spike in satanism, this satanism then defined as extreme subjectivism whence the subject makes mentality/consciousness the origin and source of reality--making oneself God, in accord w. easy, traditional definition and popular understanding of satanism.

    And yes, the recent false-flag and psy-ops of Paris are part of this general satanic assault on humanity, reason, West, and Christianity, but it doesn't need or require any of this added stuff regarding Blavatsky, for example--Christian leaders need to KEEP IT SIMPLE. Satanism is extreme subjectivism, as I noted, pure and simple, easily demonstrated.

    Thus as satanism is generally understood, it's easier to grasp contrasting and proper Christian ideal of TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), necessarily requiring the objective reality as basis/premise for such truth, Holy Spirit being reason, the means of grasping such TRUTH (= Christ), but reason tempered w. honesty and integrity--against the masonic and Judaic idea featuring dis-honesty, treachery, and hubristic idea of a God-like, perfectly "free" human will.

    Further, note Jews feature that thematic COLLECTIVISM by which their subjectivism is enabled to dominate, rule, control, and manipulate the far more numerous (so far) subjectivists and satanists among gentiles which gentiles are so typically individualized, isolated, and dis-organized in face of superior Jew organization and "connection," masons mere pawns and henchmen.

    Hence this simplified grasp and understanding of the satanic problem is best for mentality of the broad gentile people and population who are capable of understanding necessity of objective reality, God-created, and that basic truth (= Christ) founded thereupon thereby enabled to resurrect, the old Christian rationalism, the culture and economy allowed and enabled to revive.