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Now is the time

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"Now is the time..." 
~ Barack Obama (Sources: 1, 2, & 3)

"Running swiftly, balancing on the razor's edge, bald but with a lock of hair on his forehead, he wears no clothes; if you grasp him from the front, you might be able to hold him, but once he has moved on not even Jupiter [Zeus] himself can pull him back: this is a symbol of Kairos [Tempus, Opportunity], the brief moment in which things are possible." (Aesop, Fable 536) "Rove: After Four Bleak Obama Years, an Opportunity" (Source)

"Now is the time to make real the promises of democracy. Now is the time to rise from the dark and desolate valley of segregation to the sunlit path of racial justice. Now is the time to lift our nation from the quicksands of racial injustice to the solid rock of brotherhood. Now is the time to make justice a reality for all of God's children." (M. Luther King, Jr., "I have a Dream," Qtd. on NPR.)

Saturn-Chronos-"Father Time" (See here)

"There's a storm coming..."
~ Selina Kyle (Dark Knight Rises [2012])

"In the U.S., the Tea Party movement is one of the first physical, political manifestations which indicate that there is a great storm coming."
~ Anders Behring Breivik, "Manifesto," Qtd. by USA Today.

"Saturn's Hexagon --'One of the Most Bizarre Things Seen in the Solar System'" (Source) "The last visible-light images of the entire hexagon were captured by NASA's Voyager spacecraft nearly 32 years ago, the last time spring began on Saturn."

("Swirling Storms on Saturn 11.28.12"; Image Source)

(Thanks to Jim Brandon for pointing out to me Saturn's Spinning Hexagon-Shaped Storm; Image Source)
(Sacred Saturnian Geometry; Image Source)

Loren Coleman has cataloged a number of prominent examples of the "storm coming" leitmotif. See here. Here are a few more - all the way back to 1984.

"There's a Storm Coming."
~ Anton Heese (Morgan Stanley interest rate strategist, "referring to the market for Treasury Inflation Protected Securities, or TIPS"; Source)
"Myth Number 6: The 9/11 attacks came as a surprise to the Bush administration. Nothing is more essential to the official story than this idea. About 10 months after 9/11, for example, FBI Director Robert Mueller said: 'To this day we have found no one in the United States except the actual hijackers who knew of the plot.'... There is much evidence, however, that counts against this claim. The Put Options: One type of evidence involves an extraordinarily high volume of 'put options' purchased in the three days prior to 9/11. To buy put options for a particular company is to bet that its stock price will go down. These extraordinary purchases included two, and only two, airlines–United and American–the two airlines used in the attacks. They also included Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, which occupied 22 stories of the World Trade Center. The price of these shares did, of course, plummet after 9/11, resulting in enormous profits for the purchasers. These unusual purchases, as the San Francisco Chronicle said, raise 'suspicions that the investors . . . had advance knowledge of the strikes.'... It would appear, in other words, that those who made the purchases knew that United and American airliners were going to be used in attacks on the World Trade Center." ~ David Ray Griffin, "9/11: The Myth and the Reality," URL

"You think I'm crazy? Well, listen up, there's a storm coming like nothing you've ever seen, and not a one of you is prepared for it."
~ Curtis (Take Shelter [2011]) 

"It's changing out there. Just like last time. There's a storm coming, Harry. 
And we all best be ready when she does."
~ Rubeus Hagrid (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix [2007])

 "Storm's coming."
~ Batman (Batman Begins [2005]) 

"...there's a storm coming in..."
Gas Station Attendant 
"I know."
~ Sarah Connor (The Terminator [1984], Final lines) 

("Pan ... is the innermost moon of Saturn. It is a walnut-shaped small moon about 35 kilometres across and 23 km high that orbits within the Encke Gap in Saturn's A Ring. Pan acts as a ring shepherd and is responsible for keeping the Encke Gap free of ring particles." Source)
(Pan: Source)

Additionally, some websites are rewarming the "solar storm" prediction that was hot during the recent spate of "Mayan Apocalypse" prognostications. See here. (Cf. Here.) But cooler heads often prevail. So don't pan-ic.

"USA-207, international COSPAR code 2009-047A, also known as PAN, officially meaning Palladium At Night, or P360, is a classified American communications satellite, which was launched in September 2009. The US government has not confirmed which of its intelligence agencies will operate the satellite." (Footnotes omitted, Source) For more on Pan, see here and here.

Mention of "Palladium" also fits into a pattern of "Periodic Table" references. E.g., see: silver, cadmium, and gold and aluminum


Palladium (mythology): "In Greek and Roman mythology, a palladium or palladion was an image of great antiquity on which the safety of a city was said to depend. 'Palladium' especially signified the wooden statue (xoanon) of Pallas Athena that Odysseus and Diomedes stole from the citadel of Troy and which was later taken to the future site of Rome by Aeneas. The Roman story is related in Virgil's Aeneid and other works." (Source; On Virgil's Aeneid, cf. here.) "[A]n object known as the Felix Gem..., cut on carnelian,...was considered to be the most valuable of all the carved gems in the collection of Pope Paul II (1464-71)...(The original purpose of such gems was to serve as seals on documents). The Felix Gem was made for Capurnius Severus, a member of the court of the emperor Tiberius (AD 14-37) by the gem cutter Felix. It bears a scene of the seizure of the Palladium - an image of the goddess Pallas Athena (or Minerva) - from the citadel at Troy. Ulysses remonstrates with his companion Diomedes for having murdered Athena's priestess. The reference is to Rome's earliest legendary history: without possession of the Palladium, the Greeks could never take Troy..." Michael J. Vickers, The Ancient Romans (London: Phaidon P., 1989), p. 6

Is someone or something trying to turn back the clock? 

("Doomsday Clock Holds at 5 'Til Midnight" Source; Image Source)

I have touched on this theme previously. See, for example, here, here, and here

("1865 baseball card expected to fetch six figures" Source; Image Source)

(Just reported: "Glenn Beck Sees Civil War Brewing in America" Source; Image Source)
(Thanks to John Cole for pointing this out; Source)

What year comes to mind? (Cf. Here and here.)

"[Y]ou're going to have a fraction of people that are going to take a stand, and I can just predict a Waco-style standoff in some rural area and it's not going to end well" 
~ Mayor Dayton King (Source; Thanks to Paul Joseph Watson for the information)

(33 + 11 = Oh...never mind. Image source)
"Mike O'Neal, Kansas House Speaker, Emails Prayer Some Say Wishes For Obama's Death" (Source) "One of Lincoln's favorite books from the bible was Psalms; his favorite poem was 'Mortality' (1828) by William Knox." (Source; on parallels with John F. Kennedy as well as with the Hollywood movie In the Line of Fire, see HERE.)

"How Obama can avoid the second-term curse? The promise and perils of second terms" (Source)


"Now my good rats, now is the time..."
~ King Boris (A Riddle a Day Keeps the Riddler Away [1966])

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